Hi, I’m Steven
I’m a musician, songwriter, producer, recording/mixing/mastering engineer, drum sound-obsessor, guitar fanatic and illustrator.


2024 Jackalope Eye – She, producer, engineer, songwriter, singer, guitarist
2024 Tony Slug feat. Jello Biafra / Nicke Anderson / Evan Foster / Paul Grace Smith / Jennifer Precious Finch & more – The Tony Slug Experience, producer, engineer
2024 Jackalope Eye – Strange Disease, producer, engineer, songwriter, singer, guitarist
2024 Isabel – Donker naar Licht, producer, mixing engineer
2023 Isabel – Luister naar de Wind, producer, mixing engineer
2023 Elfie Tromp – Politiek, producer, mixing engineer
2023 Jerry A & The Kings of Oblivion – Life After Hate, producer, engineer, songwriter, guitarist
2023 Krachtstroom – Ons Zwijgen, producer, mastering engineer
2023 False Perspective – EP, mastering engineer
2023 Elfie Tromp – Vonk het Leven, producer, mixing engineer
2023 Fuzzard – s/t, producer, engineer
2023 Armistice – s/t, mastering engineer
2023 Bent Out of Shape – Oi Ain’t Dead, producer, engineer
2023 Savage Beat – Tomorrow (Might Never Come), producer, engineer
2023 MICH – Souvenir, mixing engineer
2022 Elfie Tromp & Hang Youth – 2 songs, producer, engineer
2022 False Perspective – Spark, mastering engineer
2022 The Covids – Bust to Bits, producer, engineer
2022 Ploegendienst – IK, producer, engineer
2022 MICH – Nuts, mixing engineer
2022 Savage Beat – Split w/ Electric Frankenstein, producer, engineer, lead guitarist
2022 Savage Beat – Split w/ Hard Wax, producer, engineer, lead guitarist
2022 Savage Beat – Three Chord Disciple, producer, engineer, lead guitarist
2021 Dr Velvet – Debut EP, producer
2021 Savage Beat – New World, songwriter, producer, lead guitarist
2021 Bent Out of Shape – split w/ Boldness, producer
2020 Slow Worries – Careful Climb, producer
2020 The Blankets – Another Way, producer
2020 JULA – Closer, producer
2020 Bent Out of Shape – Who Laughs Last, producer
2019 Mantra Machine – Heliosphere, producer
2019 Savage Beat – Wired, songwriter, producer, guitarist
2019 NETWORK76 – Insanity, mastering engineer
2019 Reyck – At Granny’s, producer
2019 Capitan Entresijos – Bola Extra, producer
2018 Zapata – Chega de Saudade, producer
2018 Ploegendienst – Ploegendienst, producer
2018 Jonestown Aloha – Debut EP, producer
2018 GOTS – Bored / Punch EP, producer
2018 Need – Body Bags, producer
2017 The Blankets – Any Old Blues Will Do, producer
2017 The Works – Malo Melo, producer
2017 Savage Beat – Trench Warfare, producer, guitarist
2017 Zerebro – Debut EP, producer, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist
2017 The Lords Of Altamont – Going Downtown, drummer
2017 The Lords of Altamont – The Wild Sounds of … , drummer
2015 Suicidade – Suicidade, producer, engineer
2015 Laura Lotti – Harpando, engineer, producer
2015 Carlien Jeanne – Self-titled EP, producer
2015 Horizon Tide – Disembark, Disconnect, producer
2015 Wildebeast – Debut EP, engineer, producer
2013 Bad Idea – New Mistakes, producer, songwriter, singer, guitarist
2008 The Kickers – Debut EP, songwriter, singer, guitarist

False Perspective
False Perspective
Steven heeft erg goed en snel een master geleverd van ons nummer!
Bruno Andrade
Bruno Andrade
Steven was very kind, attentive and professional. He mastered my song and it's looking great! I just released it "Diga O Que Quer". Thanks man!
Joshua Sambo
Joshua Sambo
Susanna Inglada
Susanna Inglada
Great music studio in Amsterdam. Cool vibe! Highly recommended.
Attila Suba
Attila Suba
I have very nice time recording in Studio Mono! Professional and very easy to record and affordable! Great Times with Steven!
Thomas Dekens
Thomas Dekens
This high-end music studio has a great vibe, cool location and a musical and contributing producer: 5/5 stars!
Donald van der Werff
Donald van der Werff
Regelmatig kom ik met ons bedrijf bij Studio Mono. Eigenaar Steven bezit een fijne mix van eigenschappen (kundig, betrouwbaar, vakliefde, geeft graag advies) en werkt snel en efficiënt. Ik raad Studio Mono ten zeerste aan!
Niels B
Niels B
Jeroen Blom
Jeroen Blom
Great studio, great engineer, great recordings!
Lionn van der Horst
Lionn van der Horst