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Zerebro is a grungy heavy rock band from Amsterdam. I produced Zerebro’s debut album, a 7 track EP.
Oh, and I’m in the band too!

Februari, 2017
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Horizon Tide

I recorded a four-track demo for the band Horizon Tide.


August, 2016

Laura Lotti

Laura Lotti plays the harp in a refreshing way. She describes her album, ‘Harpando’, as a landscape composed with harp sounds.



Year: 2016

Carlien Jeanne

Carlien Jeanne is a globetrotting artist. She gets her inspiration from all over the world and turns it into cheeky, folky heartfelt songs. We recorded this 5-song album, featuring Engelmiek de Winter on double bass.


Year: 2015
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Wildebeast is a band from Utrecht. They just started and asked me to record their first demo. Unlike most starting bands, these guys had every single note worked out before we went into the studio. A WILD session and a total pleasure.