The Studio

If you’re looking for a recording studio with the finest equipment, yet still a fun and relaxed work environment, you’ve come to the right place. The studio is part of ‘De Binnenpret’, an underground culture hub located centrally in Amsterdam, internationally known for the concert venue the OCCII.


• Mixing and music production
• Mastering for digital and vinyl
• Music and audio recording
• Performance coaching & guiding

Get in touch for more info or a budget quotation for your project.


Recording per day*400€
Recording per hour55€ p/hour (4 hrs. minimum)
Mixing55€ p/hour
Mastering**55€ p/song
Mastering for Vinyl***15€ p/song

Prices are in EUR and excluding 21% VAT (if applicable).
*Price includes studio rent and engineering.
**3 songs or more: 45€ p/song
***The vinyl master is made in addition to the digital master.

Gear list

[currently not online, ask me and i’ll mail it to you]