Music production

If you’re looking for a recording studio with the finest equipment, yet still a fun and relaxed work environment, you’ve come to the right place! I work with bands and artists in one of the coolest studios in Amsterdam. Open to any kind of music, I’m mostly active in the underground DIY music scene.



Featured work

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Mantra Machine – Heliosphere recording, mix, master
Network 76 – Insanity
Need – Body Bags
recording, mix, master
Ploegendienst – Schiphol
recording, mix, master
Savage Beat – Wired
recording, mix
Savage Beat – Trench Warfare
recording, mix
Reyck – At Granny’s
recording, mix, master
The Blankets – Any Old Blues Will Do
recording, mix, master
Laura Lotti – Harpando
recording, mix, master
Suicidade – Suicidade
recording, mix, master
Jonestown Aloha – Jonestown Aloha
recording, mix, master
Capitan Entresijos – Bola Extra
recording, mix, master

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More info


Most recording projects I lead the complete recording process, from the actual recording session to a final mix or master. I also mix and/or master pre-recorded material to your needs and desires. The services I offer are:

• Mixing and music production
• Mastering for digital and vinyl
• Audio recording and production
• Voice-over recordings

Read all about how I work, my rates, mixing, mastering and the things you can do yourself to achieve a great production on this page. Or get in touch for more info, our gear list or a budget quotation for your project.