Music Production


The Studio

If you’re looking for a recording studio with the finest equipment, yet still a fun and relaxed work environment, look no further. The studio is part of ‘De Binnenpret’, an underground culture hub located centrally in Amsterdam, internationally known for the concert venue the OCCII.


I want make the music to sound great. Whether it’s editing and mixing, coaching a vocal performance, changing a song structure or altering a beat, I have the passion and the patience to pave the way and reach that goal.

Recording & Mixing

Good audio engineering requires mad technical skills, deep musical knowledge, extreme patience and experience. I have a sharp ear for tuning and I am specialised in vocal performance, guitar tones and punchy drums. I can solve most issues like setting up your guitar or tuning drums.

I mix any material recorded anywhere and I’ll work in any studio environment that suits the job.


Proper mastering is the essential last step before your music can be distributed. I offer:

• Any digital format you need, for streaming & CD
• Mastering for Vinyl
• All revisions needed, within reason
• Detailed advice to improve your mix, if needed
• ISRC encoding, if provided

Studio Mono is certified by Apple to provide Apple Digital Masters.


Recording per day*400€
Recording per hour55€ p/hour (4 hrs. minimum)
Mixing55€ p/hour
Mastering**55€ p/song
Mastering for Vinyl***10€ p/song

Prices are in EUR and excluding 21% VAT (if applicable).
*Price includes studio rent and engineering.
**3 songs or more: 45€ p/song
***The vinyl master is made in addition to the digital master.

Get in touch for more info or a budget quotation for your project.

Gear list

[currently not online, ask me and i’ll mail it to you]