Studio Mono – General Info

Here’s some info about the process, what you may expect from me and what you can do yourself to help achieve a great sounding production.


We want to capture your performance in the best way possible. We’ll make sure that we work in a relaxed environment. You’ll get a good reference mix to get the right feel for your performance.

Drums: Setting up a drumkit, positioning microphones and setting up the recording levels can take up to 2~4 hours. I usually record drums isolated, a band can play together in the room over a headphone mix and loud amplifiers can be placed in a booth. 


In order to prepare your session, please send me the pre-production and all related project info (instrumentation, personnel, vocal song titles, length, BPM, contact info) before the session. This will save you time during the session.


I mix in short sessions of a couple of hours each. Mixing requires high focus and therefore I mix alone and undisturbed. We will go over the mix via e-mail or in the studio if desired. 

Included in the production are all the necessary edits and fixes, re-amping, dynamics, equalisation, acoustics/spatial effects and modulation, as well as time and pitch correction. 

Post-production work, special FX, special processing and samples are not included, unless agreed upon and specified beforehand.


The concept of mastering audio is all about getting the best out of the mix, making sure it translates consistently, powerful and balanced over different systems. Good parts of a mix can be emphasised, some concessions may need to be done.

Mastering should not change the mix or character of the sound drastically. You may expect some more power or loudness and I do leave some room for this in the final mix. But any other required adjustments should be done in the mix. You’ll receive a master for digital distribution (Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, CD’s, etc.). Vinyl requires a separate master.


Prices are in EUR and excluding 21% VAT (if applicable).

Recording per day 350€
Mixing fixed fee, depending your needs
Mastering 50€ p/song
Mastering for Vinyl* 10€ p/song

*The vinyl master is made in addition to the digital master.


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