Recording – General Info

You’re about to record your music, that’s great! Regardless of how much experience you have in the studio, here’s some info about the process, what you may expect from me and what you can do yourself to help achieve a great sounding production.

The recording

Our goal is simple: Achieve a great sounding production at a friendly price. I provide the necessities for a high level of quality and try to work as efficient as possible to keep your costs low. It is very important that you rehearsed well.

I want to capture your performance in the best way possible. We’ll make sure that you have a good reference sound and create a relaxed environment, to get used to the sound and get into the right mood and feel for your performance.

Setting up a drumkit, positioning microphones into place and setting stable gain levels can take up to 3~6 hours. If we want to record the drums isolated, the whole band will play together in the room over a headphone mix. Loud amplifiers will be placed in an isolation booth or recorded separately afterwards. It takes time to make sure everyone is hearing what they want to hear. Each song will be recorded at least a couple of times, and you’ll want to go over takes afterwards. Keep all this in mind when planning your session.


A pre-production is always useful. A simple recording of a rehearsal session can be enough. You can try out some ideas yourself beforehand, for example with Garageband. The more prepared you are, the better. Oftentimes parts, arrangements or details are questioned in the studio, sometimes they could have been solved before getting into the studio.

If you have a pre-production I would like to hear it, as well as an e-mail with the song titles, length and BPM (if used). No large files over mail please, use WeTransfer or something similar for files over 10MB.

Reference material is welcome too and can be very helpful, especially if you can specify what you like about a certain production or sound.

The Production

After the recording session I send you a raw mix. Levels and panning are set roughly, the rest is dry as recorded. Then I start mixing, in sessions of a couple of hours each. After the first mix I would like to receive your feedback. If everyone in the band needs to have their say, please make sure the feedback is consistent and gathered in one e-mail. I will take your feedback into account, complicated issues can be clarified over the phone or in the studio. Then I make the final mix, ready to be mastered.

Included in the production are all the necessary edits and fixes, as well as time and pitch correction.

Post-production work, special effects (like for example a crazy reversed delay effect), special processing and samples are not included, unless agreed upon and specified beforehand.


Whether you have the mastering done by me or elsewhere, you need to understand: The concept of mastering audio is all about getting the best out of the mix, making sure it translates consistently, powerful and balanced over different systems. Good parts of a mix can be emphasised, some concessions may need to be done.

Mastering will not change the mix or character of the sound drastically. You can expect it will be more powerful, louder, clearer, and I do leave some room for this when I make a final mix. But any other specific required adjustments should be done in the mix. I always make a digital master, ready for online use and CD’s. Vinyl requires a separate master.


Prices are in EUR and excluding 21% VAT (if applicable).

Recording per day 300€
Recording per hour 45€
Mixing [depending your needs]
Mastering* 30–50€ p/song
Mastering for Vinyl** 10€ p/song


* Mastering: 1–3 songs 50€ p/song. 3–5 songs 40€ p/song. 6+ songs 30€ p/song.

** The vinyl master is made after the digital master. The fixed price is 10€ p/song, in addition to the digital master.


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